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Do you identify with any of these situations?

Do you feel lost when trying to communicate in your daily life in Spain?

The frustration of not being able to express your needs, understand directions, or simply participate in daily conversations can be overwhelming.

Have you encountered challenges at work due to the language barrier?

Effective communication in the work environment is key, and a lack of Spanish skills can limit your opportunities for professional development.

Have you found yourself immersed in complex bureaucratic procedures due to the language barrier?

The difficulty of clearly expressing your needs in administrative processes can become a frustrating labyrinth.

Do you experience moments of isolation when not being able to connect with the people around you?

The inability to form meaningful relationships and participate fully in social life can lead to a feeling of loneliness.

Are you worried about not being able to clearly express your needs in emergency situations?

The anxiety of not being able to communicate efficiently at critical moments creates uncertainty and this can complicate getting help if you need it.

Do you find yourself having difficulties understanding the culture and customs of Spain?

The inability to understand local customs and social interactions can make you uncomfortable and make it difficult to fully adapt to your surroundings.


I propose you move in a new direction

One on one

Face to face & Online

Enjoy private classes with a native teacher. Custom design according to your needs. You’ll accelerate your learning and we’ll work on your weak points.

Spanish for couples

Spanish for Couples

Face to face & Online

If you have a similar level, learn Spanish with a friend or partner. Benefit from completely personalized attention in a motivating environment.

Just Speaking!

face to face & online

Speak Spanish fluently and naturally. Dynamic and practical sessions that will prepare you for any situation, giving you the confidence you need.

Assistance for non speaker

Assistance non-spanish speakers

Face to face & Online

Are you moving to Spain and don’t speak Spanish? Don’t worry, I’ll accompany you every step of the way. I am here to help you with the procedures you need to resolve this.

Seasoners live courses of all levels

Face to face & Online

Discover how fun and rewarding it can be to learn Spanish with other people who are in the same situation as you.

Spanish for embassies and consulates

face to face & online

Improve your Spanish pronunciation, perfect your communication skills. Master the use of Spanish polite language.

Learn Spanish with tere method

About me

Hi! My name is Tere. I´m a qualified teacher and languages have always been my passion.

After finishing university in Granada, I moved to England where I taught Spanish with adults, teenagers and children.

Don´t worry if you have never learnt Spanish before. My classes contain a combination of grammar, conversation, vocabulary and verbs.

None of these elements can be separated from the others, but by combining them, little by little you will feel that your are building and storing vocabulary and everithing will make sense.


What My Students Say


Tere has beautiful energy and is so fun to learn from and to be around. She finds relatable topics and find ways to learn, making the experience smooth and interesting. I am enjoying my private 1:1 classes with her because to me it is how I learn best. I look forward to more progress and recommend Tere to everyone!!!

Lana Lykhonis

One to one


Tere has been an awesome teacher! I moved to Spain with a level of Spanish that definitely needed improving, and working with her is quickly doing that. I am getting more confident with each lesson and look forward to learning more!

Ian Fox

Just speaking

Ready to start?

Contact me now! By working together, we can make your journey toward Spanish proficiency exceptionally rewarding.