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If you are looking for an exciting and effective way to learn Spanish, you are in the right place. Because here in my space, we take your progress and comfort in learning the language very seriously.

Over 15 Years of Teaching

My method

Learn in a different way

Imagine a learning experience where you feel completely understood and supported. That is the essence of my approach. It’s not just about teaching Spanish, but about creating a close bond with you, understanding your individual needs and adapting each session to fit you perfectly.

What makes my classes different?

 Well, I love to personalize each lesson, making it relevant and meaningful to your everyday life. We immerse ourselves in authentic conversations and explore topics that really matter. From grammar to vocabulary to conversation practice, everything is intertwined in a way that makes learning Spanish exciting and practical.

What are the classes like?

To make the process even more dynamic, I use a wide range of interactive resources and online materials. However, the most important thing is my own carefully crafted material.

Why is the material I have prepared for you so useful?

Because it is designed to reflect the real Spanish you would hear on the streets of Spain: colloquial expressions, idioms and authentic language that prepares you for the real world.

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With certified qualification in the UK

Language Certificates

Fully-qualified Teacher of Spanish for All Ages with UK Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) Certification.

Online Studies

Specialised in the use of the Bilingual Methodology and in the development of Creativity, Communication and Mindfulness in the Classroom.

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